Success is measured by the company you keep
— Keith Good News

How We Started

Founded in July 2016 by Founder & CEO Keith Good News, The Good News was born in Inglewood, California in Keith's home where he built an in home studio and began recorded shows off his phone broadcasting through Facebook Live. Since then it has grown to a full blown internet talk radio station bringing the most entertaining and engaging radio shows in the Country.  Now Located in West LA, California, The Good News is the hub for the new generation of Radio Personalities, Talk Shows and Podcast.

Where we are going

As a pioneering Talk Radio Station,  The Good News is to growing its audience base to other markets and interest by bringing a fresh perspective through engaging and entertaining conversations. As we enhance our authority in LA Market, we have also made our stamp on the international market by expanding our listening base from local to global . Be on the look out for more "The Good News" production studios and stations as our progression continues